Diving Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman


Looking at the aerial view of Grand Cayman, above, all of the famous dive sites are readily identified. Grand Cayman is most noted for its wall diving. A "wall" is nothing more than a very steep drop-off, the lip of which is accessible to sport divers. Around Grand Cayman the wall breaks over at a depth of about 80 feet and is spectacularly steep, indeed, it is almost vertical in many areas. Combining the steep drop with underwater visibility which can be on the order of 200 feet, leads to breathtaking views as one swims out over the drop. The generally accepted depth limit for sport diving is 130 feet, so one can explore about fifty feet down the wall, and stare into the deep with awe. Referencing the photo, at the left, off Seven Mile Beach are the best known of all the diving sites on Grand Cayman. This area is called the West Wall and it extends from the northwest tip of the island down to about Georgetown. From Georgetown, along the southern shore, to about Bodden Town is known as South Sound. Moving to the North, the large bay known as North Sound is home to one of the most remarkable dive sites on the planet. Finally, just beyond the barrier reef across the mouth of North Sound, is the North Wall.

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The West Wall     

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South Sound     
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North Sound     
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The North Wall     
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