Between my wife and I, there is a lot of Eastern Air Lines stuff around the house.  Because it formed a large and very memorable part of our lives, it will remain around the house to become the problem of our heirs.  Meanwhile, some of it lends itself to scanning, so I decided to share some of it with anyone who cares to take a look.  If any of you have better memories than my wife and I and can provide more accurate descriptions of some of these things, please don't hesitate to Email me with the information.

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Eastern Air Lines Stuff in no particular order

Pilot Wings

EAL Credit Union Cards On-Time Button
Pilot Hat Badge Ionosphere Club Earn Our Wings Button
EAL ID Card Space Available Ticket Folder Unaccompanied Child Button
Five Year Service Star Timetable Contract Now! Button
Hat In The Ring Emblem EAL Playing Cards Local 553 Button
Special Passes Pass Forms We Care Sticker
Fiftieth Anniversary Medallion Free Drink Card Hat In The Ring Ribbon
Cockpit Keys T-Shirt Transfer No Lorenzo Button
ALPA 264 Pin B-727 Tie Tack EAL Notepad Cover
TWU Pin Wings Lapel Pin Key Chain
The Last F/A Bid Sheet Flight Attendant Baggage Tag