Aircraft in Vietnam

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This picture is an O-2B "Bullshit Bomber" being refueled at Bao Loc.  The O-2B was little more than a civilian Cessna 337 with some camoflage paint. Dave Cooley, LtCol, USAF (Ret) helped out by not only supplying this picture, but the following description of the aircraft: "The only navaids they carried were ADFs, so we stayed out of the clouds.    For psyops they had the speaker on the right rear of the fuselage, and a rack of amplifiers where the fifth and sixth seats normally would have been.   We usually had about seven large boxes of leaflets on board which were dispensed through a flared "mail slot" behind the kicker's seat.   There were about 100,000 leaflets per box, if I remember correctly."
Revised: 24 March 1999