Aircraft in Vietnam

HC - 130P
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An HC-130P from the squadron based at Cam Ranh.  This rescue aircraft was equipped with the folding booms on the nose used to pick up downed pilots with the Fulton Recovery System.  The aircraft dropped a package to the downed pilot containing a special suit and harness, as well as a long rope and helium balloon.   The downed pilot donned the suit and inflated the ballon to carry the rope aloft.   The HC-130 deployed the booms to form a "vee" in front of the nose of the aircraft and flew below the balloon to snag the rope to which the pilot was attached.   Once the rope was captured by the boom, the line was winched in and the pilot was recovered through the rear cargo door.  Careful examination of the original photo shows that this is aircraft 66-0212.  Photo generously donated by Bob Munn.
Revised: 24 June 1999