Cam Ranh Bay Pictures

Tiger Lake
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This fresh-water lake was in the center of the southern end of the peninsula.  We called it "Tiger Lake" (I have no idea why) and it is too small to have a name even on the large-scale charts.  It was located right at the western base of Núi Ao Ho, the 1509 foot peak on the Cam Ranh peninsula.  The mountain can be seen rising in the background. I have been informed that the name of this lake is shown as Lac Ao Ho.  This information is shown on Sheet 6846 IV, "Dinh Khanh Cam",AMS-Series L701 Indochina 1:50,000, prepared 1953, printed 1954.  Many thanks to Tom Beauvais for providing this information.  He also adds: "Some Vietnamese dictionaries give 'tiger' as a meaning for the word 'Ho'.  Current guide books for Vietnam state that Khanh Hoa province, where Cam Ranh Bay is located, had a reputation in earlier years for good tiger hunting".
Revised: 09 August 1999