Cam Ranh Bay Fact Sheet

The following is a re-type of a mimeographed sheet dated November, 1971.   Thanks to Tom Beauvais of the 518th Personnel Services Co. U.S. Army Support Command, Cam Ranh Bay, for typing this up and letting me post it.

Fact Sheet, Cam Ranh Bay Support Command

Commanding General: Brigadier General H. A. Kissinger
Area Supported: Military Region II
Geographic Data: 39 Square Miles, 25,000 acres (16,500 Army)
18 Miles Length
5-1/2 Miles Width
Personnel Supported: 100,000
Personnel Strength: Army: 9,600
Air Force: 7,000
Navy: 460
Vietnamese: 13,000 (through My Ca checkpoint)
Ships Incoming: 40 per month
Tonnage Incoming: Ship, 28,000 short tons per month
Tonnage Outgoing: Ship, 8,000 short tons per month
Retrograde: 7,500 short tons per month
POL Incoming: 29.0 million gallons per month
POL Outgoing: 2.0 million gallons per month
Bakery Output: 188,550 pounds per month (448,000 cap)
Laundry Output: 475,000 pounds per month
Milk Plant Output: Milk: 250,000 gallons per month (600,000 cap)
Ice Cream: 40,000 gallons per month (100,000 cap)
Cottage Cheese: 40,000 gallons per month (80,000 cap)
Fruit Drink: 180,000 gallons per month (200,000 cap)
Piers: Deep Draft: 3 general cargo, 1 container, 1 ammunition
Shallow Draft: 4 ramps, 1 finger pier
Fuel jetty, l large, 1 small
(Cam Ranh has the largest Army operated pump in the world)
Convoys per month: 10 long haul, 60 short haul
Power supply: Total capability, 26,000 Kw
2 - 4,500 Kw power ships
6 - 1,500 Kw General Motors generators
8 - 1,000 Kw Fairbanks Morse generators
Water supply: 55,000,000 gallons per month


Revised: 09 August 1999