Pictures from Tinker AFB

Center Instrument Panel
Center Instrument Panel
This photo was also not actually taken at Tinker when I was in training, but at the same time as the previous one and shows the engine guages in a stabilized FL330 cruise condition. Like the flight instruments, the engine instruments are computer-driven vertical tape guages which provide a lot of easy to interpret information in a small space. Each rectangular "bay" shows the readings for each of the four engines. From left to right, these guages show:
EPR - Engine Pressure Ratio
      Basically, the ratio between the engine inlet and exhaust pressure
RPM N1 - Speed of the N1, or low pressure compressor in percent of maximum
RPM N2 - Speed of the N2, or high pressure compressor in percent of maximum
EGT - Exhaust Gas Temperature in degrees C
FF - Fuel Flow in pounds per hour
As can be seen from the guages, this is a very thirsty puppy, inhaling 4000 pounds per hour per engine of the finest available JP-4. All that fuel must do something and a check of the EGT shows that it is running just under 400 C at an outside air temperature of -55 C.

Revised: 24 March 1999