Pictures of Vietnam

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After flying a sortie to a forward base near the "Parrot's Beak" area of the Cambodian border, we took off to return only to find that an approaching line of thunderstorms was blocking our way.  Our only alternative was to enter Cambodian airspace to circumnavigate the bad weather.  This photo was taken from well inside Cambodia looking east at the line of thunderstorms as we headed to the south to get around them.  Since we were forbidden from entering Cambodian airspace, this was one of those "damned if you do and damned if you don't" situations.   The radar controller following our flight in Saigon understood our plight and simply told us he had "lost radar contact" as we crossed the border.  As soon as we came back into Vietnam, he just as quickly told us he had regained radar contact.  Despite what went on the official tape recording, he was following us all the way.  I don't have any idea who he was, but "Thanks, Buddy", and I still owe you a six-pack.
Revised: 24 March 1999