Pictures of Vietnam

Riding a Cyclo in Can Tho
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Here we are in the back of a "cyclo" (pronounced "sickle-oh") trundling down one of the streets of Can Tho. Moments after I took this shot, a couple of kids on a motor scooter passed us on the left and the passenger on the scooter grabbed the strap of my camera.  I had been forewarned about this type of activity and had taken the precaution of wrapping the strap around my wrist several times.   He yanked, but I yanked back hard enough to nearly pull him off the scooter.   There was no way I was going to give up my Minolta SRT-101 very easily!   Having lost that round, the scooter took off and disappeared into the traffic ahead.  Our driver wasn't about to chase him, so we had to be content to have foiled his theft attempt.
Revised: 28 April 1999