C-141 Logbook


Eastbound to Europe and the Middle East

Date From To A/C Duration
19 Nov 1969 McGuire AFB, NJ Rhein Main AB, Germany 59400 7.8 hrs
20 Nov 1969 Rhein Main AB, Germany Incirlik AB, Turkey 60194 5.2 hrs
22 Nov 1969 Incirlik AB, Turkey Cigli AB, Turkey 60168 1.4 hrs
22 Nov 1969 Cigli AB, Turkey Yeslikoy (Istanbul), Turkey 60168 0.7 hrs
22 Nov 1969 Yeslikoy (Istanbul), Turkey Incirlik AB, Turkey 60168 1.3 hrs
23 Nov 1969 Incirlik AB, Turkey Rhein Main AB, Germany 60194 5.4 hrs
25 Nov 1969 Rhein Main AB, Germany Wheelus AB, Libya 50220 3.4 hrs
25 Nov 1969 Wheelus AB, Libya Lajes AB, Azores 50220 5.8 hrs
26 Nov 1969 Lajes AB, Azores Dover AFB, DE 50220 6.0 hrs
26 Nov 1969 Dover AFB, DE Charleston AFB, SC 50220 1.5 hrs
Total flying time 40.5 hrs


This was a not atypical eastbound trip. Rhein Main AB in Frankfort, Germany was the home of the Eastern Atlantic Area Command Post (EAACP) and the gateway for many of the eastbound trips. The "stage" at Incirlik AB in Adana, Turkey was usually very slow and, once on the ground there, it was not unusual to spend several days before the next incoming flight. Turkey is not the nicest of tourist locations, but does boast many ruins dating from the time of the Roman Empire and from the Crusades. We generally tried to make the most of our time off here by taking trips to see the ruins. At the time of this mission, the situation in Libya was starting to get tense and in only a few months we would be back evacuating Wheelus in the face of an ever more defiant Mohuamar Ghadafy. Lajes was mostly a Navy operation with a wonderful "Class 6" store where one could buy sparkling Lancer's wine for $12.00 a case.

Revised: 24 March 1999