C-141 Logbook


Navy Rotation to Spain

Date From To A/C Duration
20 Oct 1969 McGuire AFB, NJ Patuxent River NAS, MD 40638 0.7 hrs
21 Oct 1969 Patuxent River NAS, MD Rota NS, Spain 40638 7.2 hrs
22 Oct 1969 Rota NS, Spain Sigonella NS, Sicily 40638 3.1 hrs
22 Oct 1969 Sigonella NS, Sicily Rota NS, Spain 40638 3.0 hrs
23 Oct 1969 Rota NS, Spain Brunswick NAS, ME 40638 8.5 hrs
23 Oct 1969 Brunswick NAS, ME McGuire AFB, NJ 40638 1.1 hrs
Total flying time 23.6 hrs


The U.S. Navy maintains land operations in support of its Fleets in many areas of the world. The assignments of Naval personnel to these bases was for periods of several months called "rotations". The 438th Military Airlift Wing frequently supported the rotations into Spain, Sicily, and Italy where the support was maintained for the Mediterranean fleet. One group of Navy pilots flew their aircraft over, but the remaining pilots and support crews were airlifted by the Air Force. In the mission above, we are taking Navy troops from Patuxent River over and returning the previous bunch to Brunswick. Since these flights were "contracted" by the Navy, we kept the same aircraft for the duration. Although it was fun to subject Navy pilots to a ride in the back of a C-141*, there was little time left in the schedule for any other enjoyment.

* The C-141 had many virtues, but passenger comfort was not one of them. In contrast to the hushed silence in typical airliner, the C-141 presented its passengers with an unattenuated, deafening roar. The noise was severe enough that earplugs were routinely given to all passengers. After 8 hours or so in the back end of one of those beasts you would admit to anything just to be let out!

Revised: 24 March 1999