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Having spent more than 10 years at Atex, I made a lot of friends and had cordial relationships with many people. After the Norwegian Purges of early 1995, many of us have gone our own ways in the world. As a service to anyone who cares to participate, I am posting brief information about many of the old Atex hands and, if applicable, an Email address so that you can stay in touch. Let me know if you don't want to be listed and also send information about anyone who should be listed.

The latest news from my end is that Agile Enterprise is a somewhat separate part of Applied Graphics Technology and we have long since replaced the Atex systems at both Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report.  We have retained our corporate identity, but we are a wholly-owned subsidiary of AGT.  The company has been growing slowly, but steadily and we now have a number of small and medium newspapers under our collective belt.

Updated as of: 23 October 2005




Mike Akillian
Mike stopped by the Agile booth at Seybold ('96). He was looking good and is now a Vice President of Sametz Blackstone Associates in Boston. He is working hard, but enjoying his life after Atex. Mike was not in evidence at Nexpo.

Ian Anderson
Ian was brought into ISGI (Germany) as a contractor by none other than Danny Chapchal. When Danny was evaporated by ISGI's new owners, Ian also become among the unemployed. Information from Rod Fenwick indicates that Ian is now running a company in the North of England.

Allen Andersson
I would be pleased to hear from Atex folks from the 1978-80 era, especially Ron Bell, Hugh Byers, Craig Cervo, Don Davis, Doug Drane, Fred Lau, Ron Matros, Phil Orso, Ella Ruderman, Peter van den Beemt, Wally Weiner, Charlie & Richard Ying, and others whom I remember well but whose names escape me.
For my part, after kind of exploding out of Atex, I tried a dozen or so software start-ups (see attachment), mostly now bleached bones, but a couple of shooting stars.  Finally just  got tired of computers and entered new careers as philanthropist and novelist (, while keeping a hand in at science-based enterprises.
Greetings to all.

Charlie Andrews
I last heard from Charlie at Christmas and he seemed to be enjoying his job and at peace with the world. Charlie was at Seybold ('96) with a smile on his face, as always. I couldn't find Charlie anywhere at Nexpo.

Tom Arnold
Although Tom predates the Norwegian era of Atex by a goodly amount, many of us remember him well. Tom went off to Quark many years ago, but has now left and has his own consulting business on Colorado. Tom and Carmen were at the reunion.

Stephen Berretta
This is the first new entry in many months:  "Please add my name to your list of Alumni. I worked for Lew Horowitz in NYC through the 80's. I worked with Bob Kline and Dave Ericsson at the Rocky Mountain News in Denver. I consult on my own now. I design and write custom Windows applications in Borland's Delphi, Java, and SQL database design."

Maureen Bigold (Dearstine)
David and Moe have finished their house and have now moved in. Check Moe's new Email address.

Peter Bird
I guess it is only appropriate to put myself on this list. After the Great January 1995 Purge, I collected unemployment for the first time in my life (I don't recommend the experience), but eventually fell into the hands of a bunch of pirates collectively known as Agile Enterprise. I am still working on publishing software and in the company of Frank Rizzo, Harlan Shepardson, Alan Moyer, Bob Klein, John Cushman, and John Vins.

Ralph Brown
Ralph stopped by the Agile booth at Spring Seybold ('96) to say hello. He is still at the Globe and looked the same, although there did seem to be a bit more of him than last I saw him. Ralph didn't make it to Las Vegas.

Finn Brudevold
Finn left Acsys in October and is presently consulting at SysDeco (Atex) on the design of a new state-of-the-art J-11 board. Those SysDeco people are really into advanced technology. Finn is now at BBN in Cambridge and has an Email address as noted.  I just hear from Finn as of 13 November, 2001 and he reports that he is back at Atex again consulting.

Danny Chapchal
After his failed bid to refinance Atex and gain control, Danny surfaced in Germany running the ISGI subsidiary of Seimans-Nixdorf. When S-N sold ISGI, Danny got caught in the crossfire again. Late news from Rod Fenwick is that Danny is running a small startup in Cambridge, England.

Max Coebergh
Max was in the Atex booth still representing Atex Media Solutions as VP of International Sales and Operations.

Ivan Cotrell
Ivan was alive and well at Seybold in the ArborText booth, extolling the virtues of SGML.

John Cushman
We finally prevailed upon John and he is now the newest member of the Agile contingent. John also has a work Email.

John Cushman
We finally prevailed upon John and he is now the newest member of the Agile contingent. John also has a work Email.

Joe DiPerri
I was with Atex from 1978 until 1988, before becoming a fatality.  I headed up Mechanical Engineering, under Peter Bird. I then consulted for 6 months for several companies, one of which was Tegra, working with Ward Baxter, and Mike Rosko, where I did the mechanical design for Tegra's Genesis product.
I later signed on direct, and was there during Tegra's purchase of Varityper.  After 7 years of some very creative struggling and a declining economy Tegra/Varityper became Prepress Solutions, a unique story in of itself.  Two years ago, to save the company from Chapter 11, it was sold to Monotype Systems.
All the former Atex people were let go over time; Mike Rosko,Jim lyons,etc.
I am currently semi-retired, but still keeping my hand in working as a consultant for companies that need help doing product development.

Arthur Fasciani
Art checked in with an update on what he has been up to. After leaving Atex, he did some independent contracting, worked for a couple of companies, and spent about a year out in California with Bill Hack. He is now at Harvard Business School Publishing consulting with companies looking to integrate/develop multimedia training with their interactive managment training programs.

Rod Fenwick
Still with IBM, Rod showed up at Nexpo.

Bob Fillmore
Judging from his Email address, I think Bob and Ray Nuzzolo are still in the facilities business.

Howard Fink
Howard reminded me of an old Atexism when he referred to this list as the "Gonzo" list. I guess it really is the big Gonzo list in the sky! In any case, he sent the following information:
"After 6 years at Atex I left to work with Fred Dickinson and Mary Melthaus at Kodak's Boston Development Center. I work out of my house in Acton and Fred works out of his house in Maryland. Mary has since left to go to a small start-up. Other ex-Atexers at KBDC are Maja Gruzynski, Malik Khan and Sharon Bogin. Another local Kodak facility, KEPS, has Gary Langille, Linda Coleman, Patti Dumas and Kate Pulnik. My other news, for anyone who didn't know, is that we had twins (a boy and a girl) at the end of 1994."

Larry Foley
Larry was once again at Seybold in the Barco booth. He has been with them for three years now. His territory is New England and Eastern Canada which keeps him on the road a lot, but he looked great and hadn't changed a bit. He still doesn't have an Email address.

Al Fors
Al was at Nexpo, still working for Atex Media Solutions, and very secretive about what he was working on now. His badge, however, said Editorial Systems.

Paul George
Paul is now married to Carol Sexton and because she said such nice things about my Atex page, she gets the big entry.

Gil Goodridge
Gil has now left Agile Enterprise and I do not have a current Email address for him

Katherine Granat
Judging from the new Email address, I think I can safely assume that this home address is shared by Paul and Katherine. Katherine seems busier than Paul is and I really don't have much news. I spoke with Katherine at Nexpo, where she was part of the large Mission Critical contingent. She is definitely keeping busy and reports that Paul loves his job. Katherine was offered and accepted a job working for Ron Matros at WSI. Only trouble is, Ron left WSI and is now CEO of FutureTense in Acton.

Marilyn Sternbach Guisbond
I recently heard from Marilyn who had the following to report:
"I am currently a Technology Coordinator for Diamond Middle School in Lexington. I started back to work last October ('96) and worked part-time in both middle schools, and now work full time school hours at one of them. I'm actually beginning to look at getting back into the 'ole business and hope that my time here in the schools will be coming to a close this year."
Marilyn also has a home Email.

Bill Hack
Bill is still with Philadelphia and was at Nexpo.

Steve Hamm
Steve is a fellow SCUBA diver and reports the following:
"As with many Atex people, I left friends behind but was happy to get the heck away from the Kodak - and later Eikonix - people. Reality wasn't in their vocabulary, and decisions were necessary evils. I keep in touch with some of the ex financial staff, espcially Dick Bowen (consulting under his own name on CFO type matters), Jack Doyle (CFO Outback Steakhouse N/England franchise company), Ted Dolan (finacial management at Shiva), and Paul Dunajski (he is still at Atex). I used to keep up with Paul McNulty, but since he transferred from Cambridge to London with Lotus about 2 years ago I haven't seen him (he and Nancy had two children in the last 4 years, haven't met the youngest one yet)".

Kevin Hauser
Immediately after leaving Atex, I spent 5 years as the lead framework architect of the Windows version of the One Write Plus business financial program. Peachtree bought the product and wanted to move me to Atlanta, but that wasn't in my book of fun places to live, so I found a job at a company called Allenbrook, which writes software for the property and casualty insurance industry. My wife and I run a small Ballroom Dance company in Nashua called Have A Ball Dance Studios ( Yes, I have indeed changed over the years!

Josephine Hoppe
I received the following note from Jo recently:
"I left Atex in January of 1993, immediately after the divestiture. As I had been hired two weeks after Kodak had purchased the company from Doug, Charlie and Rich, I feel like an anatomical Kodak moment. Shortly after leaving Atex, I joined Houghton Mifflin Company and was there for 2.5 years. Since that time, I was scooped away by a competitor, Addison Wesley Longman where I'm employed as V.P, and CIO. We're working on Internet-based publishing and electronic commerce. Also at Addison are fellow Atex cohorts, Dorothy Hatzikonstantis (a.k.a., Dorothy Darling), Dan O'Brien, Helene O'Brien, Steve Thomashow and Becki Clarke."
Robert Johnson
Bob is still contracting at the same place. After upgrading his 60 MHz Pentium as far as was practical, he has gone out and bought a new Pentium 233MMX mother board and built a new system. To add insult to injury, he also has a cable modem which provides internet connectivity at 1.5 MBit/Sec! Because of his new service provider, his Email address is also new. For the same reason, his Home Page is temporarily down.

Dora Jeffers
The last I heard Dora was still at ComputerWorld.

Janice Justice
I bumped into Janice Justice as I stumbled into Seybold ('96) on Friday (1 Mar) morning. She is now at Archetype.

Marty King
Marty, after many years of contracting has settled into a permanent job with which he is content. Marty was at Nexpo with the Mission Critical gang. Marty and Marcia came to the cookout for Moe. He is still at Mission Critical.

Bob Kline
Bob is another one of the galley slaves like me at Agile Enterprise.

Henry Kline
George Carvill just passed the following along to me:
"I have some very sad news; Henry Kline passed away yesterday. He went to the hospital for some tests and he never came out from the anesthesia.
There is a funeral on Sunday at 2 pm at the Roswell Funeral Home in Roswell, GA. The funeral home is on Mansell Street and the phone number is 770-993-4811."

Cliff Kolovson
I received the following message from Cliff (only slightly edited to compact it):
"I was with Atex (and spinoffs) from August '81 to Jan. '91. I started in the Documentation group under George Wood at Preston Court (while Drane and the Yings were still around) and helped write the functional specs for the R4 advertising system and editorial systems as well as R4 user guides for DocProcessing and editorial systems. I then worked with various people to develop the corporate communications department as PR manager. I moved into sales working Jerry Riley on the Pagination Planning Team (PPT) as the group's communications director (editor) and site visit planning coordinator. I then switched to Kodak Legal Systems under Nancy Faunce as her director of corporate communications. Since '91 when that group folded the tents, I've been on my own as Pointed Communications working with a wide variety of clients all over the region, the nation, and the world. Most recently, we've started our own web hosting business at"

Felix Layne
Felix has now moved to Polaroid in Waltham. His sense of humor remains unabated. Felix called the other day to discuss the merits of various home theater systems -- live is tough!. I have yet to get a work Email for Felix.

Bob Lederman & Diana (Walsh)
Marty King ran into this pair on a recent Caribbean vacation. Bob is at Fidelity and Diana is with child!

Patrick MacDonald
Pat left Atex and contracted for a number of months. He finally accepted a permanent position, but found that it was not what he had hoped for and has gone back to contracting, this time at Fidelity. Pat's oldest son is attending Northeastern University. I have stayed in touch with Pat and his wife, Nancy, and he still would rather be sailing! Just to prove it, he is the proud new owner of a Catalina 30. Pat and Nancy took Pattie and me out sailing in the new boat - very nice!  We correspond regularly via Email and our most recent topic has been home theater systems.

Bill Machanic
Bill sent a Christmas card which included his new business card. He is now Vice President of Marketing for FutureTense, working for Ron Matros.  His current Email address is found in the link with his name.

Paul Mailman
After 11 years at Atex, I "graduated" in '93.  (I did manage to hang in there long enough to get my clock.)   I've stayed in software development,  but left publishing.  I went to Queues Enforth Development, where I stayed for 7 years.  Since then I've served stints with Foliage Software Systems, deNovis and SavaJe Technologies.  (At the last two I overlapped with Paul
Morrissey.) As of this writing I have just started a new gig with GeoTrust. (Updated 23 Oct 2005).

John Manaras
I had a nice note recently from John who is working at Bay Networks and building a law/consulting business for technology and publishing companies with the rest of his time. He says he runs into many Atexers and ex-Atexers in the course of his travels.

Ron Matros
Ron was at Nexpo and had a big surprise for everyone. His company announced the signing of a letter of intent to purchase Mission Critical. Ron is redefining the direction of Future Tense and off to a great start. If any of you build pages for the web, check out his product at . Ron was manning the FutureTense Nexpo booth just like the old days.

Pat McGinnis
Pat, now VP of Engineering at Atex Media Systems, stopped by the Agile Nexpo booth to say hello.

John McHugh
Another name from the past! John said hello at Seybold ('96), but I neglected to get an E-mail address.
Bill Mills
Bill was at the Atex reunion, but I didn't hear where he was working now.
Paul Morrissey
Paul is very happy and very busy with his new job and is sometimes slow to respond to Email. The best bet is to use his work address, but he also has a new home address. Paul actually gets some of the credit for this page - it was at his suggestion that I undertook all this work. Now that I have discovered Front Page, I don't mumble under my breath about Paul and his great ideas!
Dave Monks  
From out of the dark of a cold winter's night came the following: "Am I persona Non Grata?? Why not add me to the list -- I did run the place for 5 yrs??."  Here is the listing and Email address for none other than Dave Monks himself!  Dave is now the CEO of GGX in Waltham and reports that Paul Woods is also there.

Alan Moyer
Alan is alive and well (just older and crankier), a principal of Agile Enterprise, Inc., and getting much better about responding to Email.

Kathy Piercey
It was just like old times watching Kathy get Ron's FutureTense booth whipped into shape.

Tony Quatella
I sure hope I spelled Tony's name correctly. I haven't heard from Tony for many months, but at last check he was happily employed.

Keith Randall
Cliff Kolovson also reports that he regularly works with Keith Randall on projects. Keith is on his own also.

Bill Riley
I am very sorry to report that Bill Riley died on 16 May 2002 after a long bout with cancer.  His family requests that donations be made to the American Cancer Society in his memory.  Bill was both a friend and a classmate to me and he will be acutely missed.

Frank Rizzo
Frank is our fearless leader, Sales, and Marketing department at Agile Enterprise.

Steve Rosenfeld
Steve was at Nexpo with Mission Critical and a chief agitator for the Atex reunion at Pat O'Brien's.

Marcia Sampson
Marcia stopped by the Agile booth at Seybold ('96) to say hello. She is consulting and doing free-lance writing.

Olaf Saugen
!!New email address as of 29 March 2004!!
"I am happily retired and living on my farm in central Pennsylvania, about midway between Harrisburg and Scranton. I am doing very little, and doing that very well (with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan). Yes, there was life after Atex; I hired on as VP of marketing for a small California high-tech company that made newsroom systems and TV automation equipment for the TV and radio industries. It was headed, incidentally, by the two guys who developed the "Green Box Interface" for PNI, later also used by the Times of London to facilitate the conversion to an all-Atex environment at Wapping, Dean Kolkey and Tony Chick. This company, called NewsMaker System, did well until it was acquired by a Norwegian group which has run it totally into the ground.  (Is there a lesson here somewhere?)
I do a moderate amount of traveling, enjoy farming, reading and playing the piano again, looking after my health which, after 60 years of Diabetes, is remarkably fine according to my doctors."

Mike Sasso
Mike sends the following:
"After leaving Atex in '88 I was unemployed for about 6 months, and then I went to work for Concord Communications in Marlborough. Concord is one of those places where nothing is ever good enough or done soon enough, so they chew up and spit out a lot of people. So I got spit out in May of '90. I was pretty fed up with the computer industry by then, so I spent 8 years trying unsuccessfully to be successfully self-employed. I finally threw in the towel about 6 weeks ago and got a real job again. I'm at ATS, Inc. in Wilmington (the company where Norm used to work) working on a classified advertising system."  Mike also has a home Email address:

Mark Schlageter
After ascending and falling off the Java mountain, Mark is now contracting. Mark still has a web page at <>.

Hermann Schmidt
Hermann checked in to let us all know that Max Coebergh succeeded in attaining the ripe old age of 40. (Gosh, it must be terrible to be that old!) He also left an Email address and indicates that he is now selling his publishing expertise to the media industry. He gave me the address of a web site to check out his current activities.

Carol Sexton
I got the following very nice note from Carol:
"Great web site. Truly awesome. Thanks for putting this together.
Here's a brief bio... Paul George and I got married in '94. We're living in Los Altos, CA and loving it. Paul's at Adobe , and I'm Marketing Manager for Carnelian, a Silicon Valley Internet startup... providers of online publishing solutions. And we're expecting a baby boy on May 18th.
I can't tell you how much fun it was to see all those Atex names."

Bruce Shifrin
Here's the latest (15 Jun 2005) from Bruce:

I am at Silicon Graphics (have been for the the past 5 years) after Screen rolled back all of its operations due to the downturn in the US and Japan in the late 1990s. I am living in the SF bay area, but miss Southern Calif (nearly a decade with Screen in Orange county)

I have been managing workstation and visualization systems ( HW and SW) development, as well as midrange servers (with products such as SGI Fuel, Tezro, Onyz350, Origin350 and Onyx4). Just recently moving into our Intel Itanium/Linux based systems and putting out the Prism systems (large scale and recent intro of deskside - we try not to call it workstation).  Still stirring up trouble and change - SGI now starts new product development before it introduces the preceding product (new concept - replace your own machines before the competition does) We are still struggling though.

I don't run into many Atex folks recently, but I do keep in contact with Steve Aranoff (I knew him before ATEX and the vaunted EPPS ( which included Eikonix).

Pat Sorn
Pat, still at Mission Critical, stopped by the Agile booth several times during the show.

Sue Stevens
Sue stopped by the Agile booth at Nexpo. She is with EDT (THE EDT) and working on the global news project. I saw Sue at the reunion, but didn't have a chance to talk.

David Tamplin
I started working at Atex about the time that Release 3 was, er, released.  In many ways it was the first true Atex system (as opposed to a promo dummy or a pre-alpha first try). I left along with lots of others when Kodak bought the place.

John Tangney
After spending a year in California, John is now Manager of Customer Services for Cascade Systems Inc. One of the primary reasons John seemed not to answer Email is that his address changed some time ago! The name link is updated with his work address and he also has a home Email. John, Felix Layne and I got together a while back ago to catch up on things.

Norm Tiedemann
Norm rectified his commuting problem by moving to Net Rights in Milford, New Hampshire. All Email is answered promptly! Norm also has a Web page for your enjoyment and a work Email address. Norm not only has his own internet domain now, but he also has moved to Progress Software in Nashua.

Christine Tilden
I was at Atex from 1982 until 1991. I worked for Bill Page in Customer Services, Janice Justics (Ivan Cottrell) in Marketing Services and Sue Stevens & Linda Howard in Training. I have been at Avid Technology in Tewksbury MA for the past 6 years writing documentation. I was the first person at Avid to go part-time! I have a 7 year old boy and 4 year old girl keeping me pretty busy.

Brian Trombley
Brian "Snake" Trombley is alive, well, and is working with Brian Lacey and Don Hollands. I didn't see him at Nexpo, but was assured by Don Hollands that he was still selling something at the show!

John Vins
John is now at Agile heading up Customer Service. His commute is almost as short as mine (when he is not on the road at a customer site). He checks his Email regularly.

Steve Waterworth
I received the following message (paraphrased) from Steve:
"I worked for Atex in the UK for 2 years 93 - 95. I was one of the casualties of the "Norwegian Purges of early 1995". Have you collected any info on any of the UK employees? It would be great to get in touch with some of them again! For myself I now work for EDS Unigraphics as a consultant on the IMAN product which is a data management tool for design/manufacturing applications. The work is interesting and I am very busy but I still miss the Atex days (even though I was ther for a short time)."

Wally Weiner
Wally was at Seybold ('96) and didn't seem to have changed a bit. He is still nursing his dual-floppy PC-XT along, so don't expect to find him surfing the Web.

Bill Wenger
I ran into Bill at Seybold while I was talking with Ivan Cottrell. Bill is also working for ArborText, but I neglected to get an Email address.

Tad Williamson
Tad was a field Systems Engineer for Atex from 83-91 and also drove the demo van for about a year. After getting RIFed in '91, he worked in Atlanta for a couple of different companies including a stint with Varityper (who also laid him off). He is currently the Systems Analyst with a large law firm in Atlanta. In his own words "This feels like home, so I'll probably stay here for a long time". He stays in touch with Jodi Epstein, Marty Duda and a few other folks from Atlanta/Seminole. If anyone is looking for anyone from the Southeast, let him know and he'll try to get info for them.

Cliff Wilson
Cliff found my page through Gary Langille and sent the following:
"After continuing on with Kodak's Color Management group until 1996, I moved on to become VP of Engineering at Imagraph Corporation, which is a manufacturer of video frame grabbers and compression boards. I will be teeing of at Billerica CC near dawn on Friday mornings for anyone who would like to join me."

Bill Wilt
Bill spent some time at Agile, but is now off pursuing his many unique interests. As far as I know, he is still in the Boston area. Bill is the source of many of the new Email addresses on this list. Bill is compiling a master list of Atex and ex-Atex people, whereas my list is mostly the people from my era at Atex and particularly those I worked with directly. Bill publishes his list on his web site and is constantly looking for information to include. Check out his site and send him your updates!

Heather Wood
I saw Heather at the cookout for Moe and didn't even recognize her! To say that she is with child is akin to saying there is some water in the Atlantic Ocean. She and Steve are expecting their first-born in July.

Peter Wood
I just got the following message from Peter:
"After Atex, you may recall I founded Vital Imaging Systems with Steve Wadle, later got head-hunted to Iris Graphics, a Scitex company in Bedfore as VP Eng. Since then have migrated through to a move to the freezing far north  - now VP Engineering at Check Technology Co in Minneapolis. Got  a place on the lake and a boat - but useless until the damn place thaws out! Hope to play in the next Atex golf outing in May - will look out for some friendly faces then!

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