Military Aviation Links

As a result of many visits to this section of my web site and a number of requests, I have added these links to the sites of others who are either military aviators, Vietnam veterans, or just interested in the subject matter.

USAF C-7A Caribou Association The official site of the USAF C-7A Caribou Association.
Ron Doughty's 12th TFW Site An excellent site done by an F4 jock
Drew's World of Choppers This site is for those of you who prefer beating the air into submission rather than flying.
Tom Pirtle's Home Page Tom, an Air force Vietnam veteran, has an extensive site with sections devoted to the Air Force, the Navy, and his tour in Vietnam
Joint Specialized Undergraduate Pilot
This site, very nicely done by Captain Tsuyoshi "T" Tung, an Air Force T-37 Instructor Pilot, provides a lot of insight into the current military flying training program.  It stands as an interesting contrast to my own experiences during the Vietnam Era.
Sam's C-130 Page A site dedicated to the C-130 HERCULES and the men and women who fly and have flown them through the years.
AIRLIFT USA A site dedicated to military airlifters, past and present.
Grunt A military research site.
The Wars for Vietnam Some dry, but interesting, Vietnamese history

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Revised: 25 February 2001